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Before Flushing After Flushing

We are able to offer jetting services with working pressures of up to 4000psi, with our lorry mounted jetting unit, these powerful jets of water are very effective at both clearing blockages and cleaning the inside of the drain pipes, we are able to carry out drain cleaning works to all commercial, residential, industrial, F & B outlets, educational institutions and institution buildings properties.

These works typically involve the unblocking of main drains and sewers, the removal of obstructions such as silt, grease, scale deposits, roots, leaves, stones, litter debris etc.


Storm Water Drain Line Sewer Wasteline

For use in larger drains and sewers our high flow rate/low pressure jetting unit are more than capable of handling cleaning tasks in drains and sewers up to one metre in diameter.

Typically we undertake Water Jetting from:

Sewer Waste pipes Drain Lines
Kitchen Waste pipes Industrial Lines


13cu³ Vacuum Tanker Mini Tanker

In addition to our jetting services, we also offer vacuum tanker waste disposal service (NEA Licensed Waste Collector), either as an emergency response or as part of a planned preventative maintenance scheme.

Typically we undertake Waste Removal from:

Grease Interceptors Inspection chambers Holding Tanks Sump Pits
Ejector Tanks Flooded areas Manholes


Toilet bowl Blockage Kitchen Floor Trap Servicing

Electro-Mechanical Cleaning is ideal for the removal of hard substances such as grease build-up, uric scale, lime scale and concrete residue. It is often used in kitchen floor traps, soil and vent pipes, pipe work serving sinks, toilet bowls and urinals. Electro Mechanical Clearance uses sprung cutters on steel flexible rods, a situation where high pressure water jetting would be impractical or may result in flooding.

Typically we undertake Electro-Mechanical from:

Internal Pipelines Toilet Bowl Lines
Kitchen Floor-traps Urinal Bowl Lines


CCTV CCTV Scanning

With the latest CCTV drain inspection systems we are capable of undertaking surveying works in pipes from 75mm through to 1000mm in diameter and with ranges up to 150 meters.

Our camera systems are designed to accurately inspect: drain lines, sewer lines, ventilation ducts, inspection chambers, manholes, tanks etc to get a detailed internal view of the insides of drains, pipes and sewers. This allows us to point out structural problems correctly, which assists in recommending the most economical method of repair.

Whether a quick 'look see' inspection of a single pipe or a full scale survey is required, we have the expertise to meet any job - large or small.

Typically we undertake CCTV Surveys from:

Drain lines Inspection chambers Ventilation ducts
Sewer lines Manholes Tanks


Prevention is always better than cure; at J.O.L Environmental Pte Ltd, we offer comprehensive drain and gully cleaning maintenance programs tailored to suit the client's specific needs.

People rarely think about their drainage system until it goes wrong, but by this time it is probably too late, damage and flooding caused by a blocked or neglected drain can turn into a very costly expense, not to mention the resulting disruption.


Firstly we will carry out site survey to ascertain the current condition of your drainage systems; we will then analyze any previous problems that have occurred before.

A detailed program is then prepared showing which part of the drainage system needs cleaning and at what interval, then by prior arrangement and at a time to suit the client; our technicians will carry out the agreed maintenance, ensuring a minimum of inconvenience to you.

J.O.L Environmental Pte Ltd has a long standing wealth of experiences in the drainage industry and we pride ourselves in carrying out a wide range of services for our clients.


Installation of Portable Grease Trap Replacement of Old Piping

J.O.L Environmental Pte Ltd can also supply and install new drainage pipes and parts for any drainage systems. We also supply and install new portable grease traps or larger grease traps for commercial kitchens.

Typically we undertake plumbing works from:

Installation of Pipe works e.g. Cleaning Eye, Elbows, Pipe lines etc
Installation of Portable Grease Interceptor
Installation of Permanent Grease Interceptor

Cleaning And Degreasing of Kitchen Exhaust System (Coming Soon)